It's true that sometimes a new job or career can simply fall into your lap. But for most of us, finding work requires more effort than this. That's why our offices in the nine-county Rural Capital Area provide a variety of no-cost services that greatly improve a job seeker's chances of finding employment.

  • Career & Benefits Information

    Since many of the resources available in our offices are designed to be used independently, job seekers have the option of browsing a wealth of career and job search information in both the printed ... [more] »

  • Child Care Information

    Child Care Services (CCS) assists parents who are striving to become self-sufficient by providing them with more choices of child care arrangements and also by helping them find qualified caregiv ... [more] »

  • Computer & Internet Access

    Sign up to use a computer in the Resource Room of your local Workforce Solutions office in order to build your resume or access the Internet.  With this resource, you can access vital job search ... [more] »

  • Education & Training Information

    You may discover during the course of your career search that you need a certain kind of training or education for the type of job/career that you desire. Or, you may have other goals such as getti ... [more] »

  • How-To Workshops

    The topics of the workshops offered in our offices area as varied as they are many.  They range from typical job search subjects such as resume writing and interviewing to tips for healthy living ... [more] »

  • Interview Counseling

    An interview is your chance to show an employer that your skills and experience would be a great asset to its operation.  It is normal to be nervous before and about the interview, however, th ... [more] »

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  • Job Fairs

    Attending a job fair can be very productive activity for a job seeker.  It’s one of the few times that you will have several businesses and other employers gathered together in one spot ... [more] »

  • Job Search Support

    When you visit one of our offices, Workforce Solutions staff members are available to assist with the access and use of our primary job search tool, ... [more] »

  • Labor Market Information

    A Labor Market is the ‘market’ in which workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers.  Understanding what is happening in your local, state and national labor market can ... [more] »

  • Resume Support

    The ultimate purpose of a resume is to get you a job interview.  But you should remember that it is your ‘advertisement’ – not your life story.  A good resume will help ... [more] »

  • Rural Capital Area Talent Market

    Rural Capital Area Talent Market is an interactive employment tool that makes finding a job easier than ever before.  Your personal Talent Market portal uses the most current and local job listin ... [more] »

  • Self Assessment Tools

    Career interest and skill assessments are available in our Workforce Solutions offices if you qualify for one of our Workforce programs.  However, there are also information and assessment tools ... [more] »

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  • Unemployment Benefits Information

    If you have any questions regarding the unemployment process, please call (512) 340-4300 or toll-free by calling (800) 939-6631 in Austin, Texas, USA. ... [more] »

  • Veterans Services

    Austin Community College, in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission, is proud to announce an outstanding opportunity for area veterans. The Veterans Training Program is designed to ... [more] »

  • Wage Claim & Child Labor Information

    The Labor Law Section of the Texas Workforce Commission administers the following two programs: the Texas Payday Law and the Child Labor Law.  They also provide information on the Texas Minimum W ... [more] »

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