Search Child Care Providers

To assist in your search for a child care provider, Workforce Solutions has made available contact information for providers from across our nine-county Rural Capital Area-that have a Memorandum of Understanding with Workforce Solutions- including those that have been designated Texas Rising Star providers.

Texas Rising Star (TRS): a voluntary program for providers who are committed to quality care and who exceed the state’s minimum child care standards. Texas Rising Star Provider certification is a process for improving the quality of child care services provided in Texas. The system provides graduated (1-4 star) levels of certification as providers meet progressively higher certification requirements. To learn more visit or call 512-260-1937, ext 4012 or toll free 1-877-223-0404, ext. 4012.

In addition to Texas Rising Star, there are other State/National Quality Child Care Indicators. These include:

While quality indicators cannot guarantee quality, it does show that a program has strived to go above and beyond the Texas Child Care Standards, to reach a higher set of standards for their program. To receive a copy of the Texas Child Care Standards visit: or call 512-834-3195.

We encourage you to visit programs, interview the caregivers, and observe. Contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services/Child Care Licensing to check on any possible child care standard violations, in deciding which program best meets your child’s needs. This department inspects and regulates registered and licensed child care programs. To see inspection reports visit: