Performance Reports

Measured by the Texas Workforce Commission, "Contracted Performance Measures" and "At-A-Glance Comparison" reports for Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area are available to view for the previous calendar year.

Archived Performance Reports


Title Month Download
January 2018 Monthly Performance Report January January_2018_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2018 March March_2018_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
April 2018 Monthly Performance Report April April_2018_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
May 2018 Monthly Performance Report May May_2018_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
June 2018 Monthly Performance Report June June_2018_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
January 2017 Monthly Performance Report January January_2017_Monthly_Performance_Review_1.pdf opens in new window
February 2017 Monthly Performance Report February February_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2017 Monthly Performance Report March March_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
April 2017 Monthly Performance Report April April_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
May 2017 Monthly Performance Report May May_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
June 2017 Monthly Performance Report June June_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
July 2017 Monthly Performance Report July July_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
August 2017 Monthly Performance Report August August_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
September 2017 Monthly Performance Report (EOY) September BCY_Year_End_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
End of Board Contract Year 2017 - Monthly Performance Report September BCY_Year_End_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
November 2017 Monthly Performance Report November November_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
December 2017 Monthly Performance Report December December_2017_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
January 2016 Monthly Performance Report January January_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
February 2016 Monthly Performance Report February February_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2016 Monthly Performance Report March March_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
April 2016 Monthly Performance Report April April_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
May 2016 Monthly Performance Report May May_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
June 2016 Monthly Performance Report June June_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
July 2016 Monthly Performance Report July July_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
August 2016 Monthly Performance Report August August_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
December 2016 Monthly Performance Report December December_2016_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
January 2015 Monthly Performance Report January January_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
February 2015 Monthly Performance Report February February_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2015 Monthly Performance Report March March_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
April 2015 Monthly Performance Report April April_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
May 2015 Monthly Performance Report May May_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
June 2015 Monthly Performance Report June June_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
July 2015 Monthly Performance Report July July_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
August 2015 Monthly Performance Report August August_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
September 2015 Monthly Performance Report September September_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
October 2015 Monthly Performance Report October October_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
November 2015 Monthly Performance Report November November_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
December 2015 Monthly Performance Report December December_2015_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
January 2014 Monthly Performance Report January January_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
February 2014 Monthly Performance Report February February_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2014 Monthly Performance Report March March_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
April 2014 Monthly Performance Report April April_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
May 2014 Monthly Performance Report May May_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
June 2014 Monthly Performance Report June June_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
July 2014 Monthly Performance Report July July_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
August 2014 Monthly Performance Report August August_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
September 2014 Monthly Performance Report September September_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
October 2014 Monthly Performance Report October October_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
November 2014 Monthly Performance Report November November_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
December 2014 Monthly Performance Report December December_2014_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
January 2013 Monthly Performance Report January January_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
February 2013 Monthly Performance Report February February_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2013 Monthly Performance Report March March_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
April 2013 Monthly Performance Report April April_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
May 2013 Monthly Performance Report May May_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
June 2013 Monthly Performance Report June June_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
July 2013 Monthy Performance Report July July_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
August 2013 Monthly Performance Report August August_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
September 2013 Monthly Performance Report September September_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
October 2013 Monthly Performance Report October October_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
November 2013 Monthly Performance Report November November_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
December 2013 Monthly Performance Report December December_2013_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
January 2012 Monthly Performance Report January January_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
February 2012 Monthly Performance Report February February_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
March 2012 Monthly Performance Report March March_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
April 2012 Monthly Performance Report April April_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
May 2012 Monthly Performance Report May May_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
June 2012 Monthly Performance Report June June_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
July 2012 Monthly Performance Report July July_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
August 2012 Monthly Performance Report August August_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
September 2012 Monthly Performance Report September September_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
October 2012 Monthly Performance Report October October_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
November 2012 Monthly Performance Report November November_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
December 2012 Monthly Performance Report December December_2012_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window


Title Month Download
June 2011 Monthly Performance Report June June_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
July 2011 Monthly Performance Report July July_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
August 2011 Monthly Performance Report August August_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
September 2011 Year-End Performance Report September September_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
October 2011 Monthly Performance Report October October_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window
November 2011 Monthly Performance Report November November_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report.pdf opens in new window
December 2011 Monthly Performance Report December December_2011_Monthly_Performance_Report_1.pdf opens in new window